Thursday, April 3, 2008


and your phone rings. It’s the IRS demanding your taxes be paid by April 15th. Are you still working on yours? I am. Or at least, my accountant is. We all will have paid approximately $251 billion by the end of the tax year just to figure out and conform to the many IRS rules and regulations.

We ALL have to file taxes this year if we expect to get our “rebate” from the Federal give-away program. That means much more than the estimated $251 billion will be spent just so we can get that “rebate”.

But wait! That rebate could mean something else besides just getting a hand-out. It could prove that the Federal Government is capable of handing out “pre-bates” if the FairTax were enacted. Just think – by the end of this year, they will have it all figured out just how to do this.

And then, all they have to do is vote in the FairTax (HR25 & S1025), already in committee, co-sponsored by over 70 congressmen and just sitting there waiting for the Government to finally do something about our economy.

Go into and sign the petition to get this bill moving. We need lots and lots of signatures to show Congress we mean business. Our country won’t be free much longer if we don’t do something about our economic future. And if our country isn’t free, neither will you be free. Think about it.

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