Sunday, October 11, 2009


There has never been a time in our lives when we needed the FairTax so much. Total unemployment stands at 17 percent nationwide. Youth unemployment is above 50 percent. The tax gap averages $350 billion per year. This is the amount the IRS cannot collect with our current tax system. You and I have to make up that difference. It costs us well over $300 billion every year to fill out our tax forms. We spend over seven billion hours filling out tax forms. The only ones who benefit from our tax system are those who know how to cheat the system, politicians who reward friends and punish enemies with it, and half of the lobbyists in D. C. who make 7 figure incomes from clients.

Passage of the FairTax immediately frees up $650 billion to grow our economy. Estimates are that the GDP will grow between seven and ten percent the first year the FairTax is in effect. The Dow Jones Industrials is expected to double quickly because of the FairTax. The FairTax means a 25 percent increase in spendable income for workers.

How do we pass the FairTax? The first thing is to make people aware of the FairTax. Americans for Fair Taxation has raised $250,000 as a first step in creating TV ads educating 140,000,000 taxpayers. In June the Rasmussen Poll found that 43 percent of Americans favor replacing the income tax system with an undefined national consumption tax! That’s real progress. If we want change we must look to ourselves. It is up to each of us to ask people we know if they have heard of the FairTax. Then direct them to We also offer webinars the fourth Thursday of each month at You must pre-register.

Tell your congressmen you want the FairTax.

Best regards, Al Ose

This letter was written by FairTax volunteer, Al Ose. He hit the nail on the head with this letter. The bills are in congress now: HR25 and S296. Ask your congressmen to become sponsers of these bills and start pushing them towards fruition. We need the FairTax NOW!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Following is a letter from Jim Bennett, a FairTax volunteer, regarding the proposed crack down on tax havens and the FairTax solution:

Rather than crack down on tax havens, as the Obama Administration announced it would do on May 4, 2009, we could do better if we, ourselves, were to become the world’s tax haven. And there is a bill in Congress to do just that - The Fair Tax Act of 2009, HR25, S296.

The Obama Administration proposes a series of measures to eliminate deductions for companies that take jobs overseas, combined with reforming the tax credit system. But with 70,000 pages of tax statutes, regulations and revenue rulings, the closing of one loophole necessarily results in the opening of another. The Administration is overly sanguine that adding 800 revenue agents will be enough do the policing job that its proposal would require.

The FairTax, on the other hand, while being fairer to low-income people than today’s tax code, eliminates all taxes on business and investment and repatriates dollars voluntarily. The FairTax replaces payroll taxes, estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes, and corporate and personal income taxes with a national retail sales tax on consumption of all new property and services -except education - once and only once. A rebate to all households with valid social security numbers for tax on consumption for essentials assures the tax is fair to low-income families.

Millions of dollars of research say the tax will fully fund the federal government at current real spending levels. The FairTax would bring trillions of dollars of offshore capital back to the United States in months - without hiring any more revenue agents. The repatriation would be free of federal compulsion.

The Obama Administration needs to rethink its approach.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


April 15, 2009 :

The following is from Steve King, a U.S. Congressman, who is pushing the FairTax.

King Addressing National FairTax Rally on Tax Day:

"The FairTax will unleash the power of America’s worker, allow us to grow out of the current economic downturn" WASHINGTON, D.C.

Cong. Steve King made the following statement on Tax Day, the date taxes are due to the I.R.S. King will speak at a national FairTax rally this evening in Columbia, SC. King will be joined by former Gov. Mike Huckabee and [others].

"April 15th is our annual day of reckoning with the IRS and the day the government stakes its claim on our hard-earned money. Our current tax system is simply broken.

"The worst part of our tax system is the way the income tax penalizes our work. That’s backwards. Why would government want to tax us for the work we do – taxing us more when we work harder and smarter and earn more money? Instead, the tax should be on consumption, not productivity, just like the FairTax –a national sales tax that un-taxes productivity.

"Our current income tax system is a relic of the past and we should toss it into dustbin of history. The FairTax will unleash the power of America’s worker and allow us to grow out of the current economic downturn."

"By shifting taxation from productive behavior to consumption, the FairTax allows Americans to take home their entire paycheck and eliminates the income tax and IRS. This will have a stimulative effect on our economy. Not only will Americans have more money to spend, they will have more money to save and invest—which will give American businesses more access to capital. This, in turn, will allow greater investment in research and development and result in the creation of new jobs."

"I hope you join me in firing the IRS, scrapping the income tax code and establishing the FairTax. Once we join together to get that done, we can let April 15th fade into history as just another day."

Check out the FairTax

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Here is your link to all of the Tea Parties across the nation, well over 2000 and counting. This site shows a map marking all of the Tea Parties available to you.

Find one in your area and go do your thing. Make a sign, put on your FairTax T-shirt and hat and join the masses marching against Socialism being forced upon us in many ways.

One of these ways is the outrageous borrowing and spending by the Federal Government. It is ruining our economy and putting a huge burden of debt on us, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

But WE HAVE A SOLUTION - THE FAIR TAX! Go shout it out, pass out your literature and take advantage of these multitudes of people who are looking for a solution.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The following is from Gary Anderson, a FairTax Volunteer - a MUST READ:

We are NOT in a fight of left vs. right, R vs. D, or black vs. white. This is a fight to maintain the freedom to dissent. The traditional 3 branches of Government are currently colluding to wrest power from the American People, creating a facist regime bent on world domination.

Our ONLY respite is to energize the FOURTH branch of government, "The PEOPLE" to take back those powers that were delegated by us to them, by reason of their refusal to adhere to the Constitution.

We do this by non-compliance on every level; NOT just a few zealots who are glutton for punishment, but as a "body politic", in unity. First with voices, then with our labor, our taxes, and if need be, our arms.

We are at stage 1. Our voices are being heard in tea parties nationwide, & the polling places. But this fight could be over and lost by waiting to elect a new President. Therefore, our voices must be evermore LOUD.

In times future, you will be called upon for labor strikes, and sit downs; (get used to it!) Also, our tax Dollars must be wrest from their ability to automatically TAKE our money from us by the IRS (fica).

The income tax must GO! -- convenient for now, but absolutely critical for the future, if we are to de-fund the despots! I call on EVERY ONE of you, to DEMAND the FairTax, in every venue and to every person, so that our tax Dollars go directly to THE STATES (to withhold it), rather than Washington DC.

This kind of control will break the back of facism, by starving it into submission (to the people). In this respect, it can be seen that FairTax is not a "nice idea", but a necessary weapon to keep our freedom.

1. Learn your Constitution.
2. Understand the power of the FairTax to YOU (
3. Be willing to remain resolute, despite minor incoveniences, or income constraints.
4. Commit these qualities to every person you come in contact with.

The time is short. The task is gigantic. But our latent strength is unparalled, -- if we choose to use it. This fight is "We the People" vs. the Federal government. One of these will win.

Friday, April 3, 2009


There has been much discussion among the Fairtaxers whether or not to join the Tea Parties on April 15th. What better place to express our freedoms and make the FairTax known to the entire nation?

Freedom and Fairtax go together. Get out there and tell the world there is a better way. Wear your Fairtax shirts, hats, pins and hand out your information. Educate these people and the media that we have the solution to our economic woes.

Below is a portion of a letter written by Jeff Locke, a FairTax Volunteer:

What does this country really need?
• A stimulus for all of us! What is more stimulating than our whole paycheck?
• Employment, jobs and a robust economy! No more business taxes means businesses produce cheaper products creating more sales and more jobs for us and our children coming out of college.
• A system that assures everyone pays for medical care, and police and fire protection!! The FairTax assures everyone pays their fair share.
• Save the family farm or business for our children and assure that our retirement and estate remains ours!! The FairTax lets everyone keep all savings and investments and assets.
• And get rid of America’s abomination, the IRS.

Again, stay the course and demand Washington pass HR 25, S 296 and all the financial system ails disappear. All of the ideas I have heard take money to research, study and time to write. Then negotiations and bickering will be needed to create a final bill. When will all of this happen with our present distractions in Washington?

The FairTax needs nothing. It is already researched, studied, written, approved by economists and ready for a vote. Let’s demand that of Washington until we get it. Scream about that at those tea parties.


Saturday, March 14, 2009


The following letter came from Tom Freeman, a FairTax supporter:

Representative Steve King (IA-5) is requesting an hour for Special Orders at the end of the legislative day on this Tuesday, March 17 to discuss the FairTax. The time is anticipated to be around 6 PM. As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, I respectfully request that you give this address your special attention. The FairTax is the right Federal tax reform for everyone in the United States. It is also the most stimulative action the Congress can enact.

Additionally, Congressman King noted in his January 12, 2009 press release: Implementing the FairTax would immediately eliminate tax barriers that presently hurt American companies and favor production abroad over production here in America. Right now, when American companies export their products overseas, they must pay payroll taxes, embedded taxes and compliance costs to the IRS, and then compete directly with foreign manufacturers who do not pay these taxes.

Our current income tax system puts American products at a disadvantage on the world market and makes American products more expensive than their competitors in foreign markets. With the FairTax, American producers will no longer be forced to pass on embedded costs to foreign customers.

I respectfully request that a vigorous debate about the FairTax be the most important issue the House Ways and Means Committee addresses this year.

I presume the 6pm time is Eastern Daylight time. Please contact your representatives in Congress and ask them to be present to support this effort by Rep. King.