Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Bonnie, our FairTax Volunteer Director in this area, and I presented our FairTax Program to some Forest Grove home-schoolers today. They had been studying the FairTax during their Government class and their teacher asked us to come and talk to the students about the FairTax. There were approximately 11 students ranging in age from 11-17, plus one parent, and Bonnie and I were simply amazed at the good behavior in class and the intelligent questions asked.

We showed them the DVD “The FairTax – it’s Time”, answered their questions as best we could and I read them my “Let’s Pretend” blog, which is my favorite. It give the facts of the FairTax in a fun and easy to understand manner. We then gave them a packet of printed matter, a CD for their computer and a FairTax Card.

Hopefully, we have some new blog readers and lots more questions and comments to come.



LifeofFaith said...

Thank you for coming to my class today and sharing about the FairTax with us and thanks for the welcome!

Mike Huckabee really supports the FairTax!! His website is: He talks about it on his "Issues" page.


Anonymous said...

Two candidates, Mike Gravel (D), and Mike Huckabee (R) are ardent supporters of the FairTax. More and more, it looks like Mike Huckabee may emerge from the "2nd tier" of Republican candidates to compete for the top spot; Mike Gravel's quest, however, is far less certain.

So, let's you and me do something to CHANGE things!

Let's save our economy from projected meltdown and ensure that the FairTax becomes a part of our family's future by pledging our financial support to one, or both! of these candidates in a very solid way - by setting up a "bill payee account" in our bank or credit union Bill Pay service (right over the web). This way, we can give a little to one, or both, of these candidates after our paycheck is deposited every two weeks. (I've scheduled $10 to go out, automatically, every two weeks. Can you imagine how this could grow into big money if enough of us set up automatic, recurring, bi-weekly payments for these candidates?!)

Here's the payee entry information you'll need, to join me in this "Rock the FairTax" effort:

Mike Gravel for President
P O Box 948
Arlington, VA 22216-0948
Phone: (703) 243-8303

Huckabee for President, Inc.
P.O. Box 2008
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203
Phone: (501) 324-2008

Don't wait! Log in to your Bill Pay service - RIGHT NOW!

Bobbie said...

Thanks for checking in, LifeofFaith. You might be interested in reading my blog dated
Oct. 22 titled "The FairTax and Mike Huckabee". Lots of good info there.

Thanks Ian, for sticking with me. I was afraid I might lose some readers while Gary was sick, but priorities won out and so did Gary!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, sorry to hear about your hubby. (I don't get here every day.) Glad he's back and hope he continues to feel better! Keep up the important work on this blog. It's a good reference source, and should grow in viewers over time.