Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I am going to begin today with “The impact of the FairTax on Seniors”, a “white paper” from www.fairtax.org. I will just give you a feeling for what is in this document and if you wish to learn more, go into their website and poke on the “research button” to find the various “white papers”.

The FairTax will ensure that the Social Security and Medicare programs that are so important to Seniors become stable again, no longer a threat to “go broke” in a few years if taxes are not raised.

The FairTax rebate zeros the retail taxation of necessities, up to the poverty-level, for Seniors. Some Seniors don’t even spend over the poverty level, since they have accumulated “things” over a lifetime. Other Seniors will welcome the extra money that a prebate would bring them.

The FairTax does not tax used goods, which gives Seniors a choice of whether they wish to buy new goods and be taxed or used goods with no tax added. (We all will have this choice)

The FairTax ends all record keeping and income tax filings, which means no more large bills from Tax Preparers or Accountants. (These people will be happy to find other jobs helping you invest and grow your extra dollars saved by the FairTax)

The FairTax will reduce manufacturers’, services’, and retailers’ costs, (remember the embedded taxes?) allowing them to lower costs to seniors (and the rest of us).

Seniors will pay no more taxes on IRAs and other tax-deferred plans.

The FairTax ends gift and estate taxes so Seniors will have the satisfaction of knowing their hard-earned money will go to their heirs instead of the IRS. Wheeee!

With the FairTax, Seniors can sell their homes and pay no capital gains taxes.

The FairTax will generate an economic boom, easing future budget pressure on Seniors’ entitlements.

The FairTax ensures your grandchildren will be able to keep 100% of their income and they can decide when to spend it and what to spend it on. They will not have the IRS looking over their shoulder at every step of their careers, taking money here and grabbing money there.

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