Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The following is from a FairTax volunteer, concerned about Rush's' brush-off on the FairTax and Mike Huckabee:

I've been increasingly disappointed in Rush Limbaugh lately. I tried calling the show last week, but couldn't get through. So I sent the following...
From: Greg Dutton, AZ Volunteer State Director, FairTax
'ElRushbo@eibnet.com'Subject: Your "eternal optimism"... compromised
Dear Rush, the "eternal optimist",

I've been listening to you almost daily for the past 7 years. In that time you have helped transform me into a solid and well-informed conservative, a critical thinker, and you've inspired me to get involved in my community and politics. I don't know how many times I've heard you say that we should reach high for our goals and we can accomplish great things. I have always taken it to heart.

Which is why I have to ask you to PLEASE stop saying, "The FairTax will never happen."

For you to shoot down the FairTax this way goes against every grain of your "eternal optimism."

I'm 43 years old, I work full-time and my wife and I own two businesses. I barely have time to volunteer for anything, let alone a transformational national bill. In spite of that, I became a volunteer for the FairTax, and I am now the VOLUNTEER State Director for Arizona. I and the team of grassroots volunteers that we've developed here in Arizona all work to gain ground for the FairTax. We suffer the naysayers and tredge on in spite of them. We speak in front of audiences and debate the merits of the FairTax vs. the flat tax with marked determination and perseverence. We are gaining ground, maybe slowly, but surely.

We now have 72 co-sponsors in Congress (two from Arizona), which is at least 7 times the support that the flat tax has, and hundreds of thousands of volunteer supporters around the country. Each day, we add a new brick to our foundation of support.

While it's one thing for us to win a supporter, it's a-whole-'nother thing for us to get someone on board to actually DO something. When volunteers hear you say, "It will never happen," it cuts like a knife. It kills enthusiasm and willingness to devote time. It tells us that you think we're wasting our energy and our time, and that we should just pack up and go home. Instead of doing or saying anything positive, you're tearing down. You've adopted a defeatist attitude. You have the opposite affect of the "Midas touch" by turning some of our bricks into sand. You undermine our efforts to build something that we know is right for our country and right for Conservatism.

Perhaps worse yet, you contradict so many things you stand for as an Reagan conservative and "eternal optimist."

We're not asking for your endorsement of the FairTax. We're not asking you to recant anything you've said. We're not asking you to debate the merits of the FairTax. We're only asking you to stop saying that something good and positive for our country will never happen, and start saying what CAN happen, if.... We ask you to get back to "possibility thinking."

Rush, we value your insight and analysis. We and our supporters listen to you and look up to you. We do love you, Rush. Which is why we feel so strongly about this.

Sincerely,Greg Dutton

Let's hope Rush gets a good rest and a new start in the New Year. In fact, let's hope this for all of us! It's going to be a long year, but by the time it is over with, I hope every voter out there knows and understands the FairTax. It is up to us to educate the candidates and vote for the ones who "get it".


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Mark said...

Yes, Im kinda surprised Rush hasnt supported this FT plan, its exactly the kind of thing he usually likes -- simple, popular, magical.

He probably knows its a great idea - in theory, if it worked.

If Fair tax could somehow cut prices of everything by 22%, and then magically put a 23% sales tax in its place, to pay for EVERYTHING we need, WOWOWOWO.

But what if it didnt work? What if on some things, there wasnt much embedded taxes? Like Nursing homes. Nursing home patients dont generally HAVE paychecks, so they wouldnt suddenly have more cash to pay out. But they would suddenly have 1000 dollars a month or so in sales tax to pay.

Sure, -- they will get a prebate. 200-300 dollars if single, no dependents. But somehow they have to pay an extra 1000.